About Car-ology

Carology is American Car Culture defined.

Carology.TV empowers America to voice its unique personal experiences and perceptions of our love-hate relationship with the automobile. But what does this mean?

Between Birth and Death is the story of our lives on the road. You probably rode inside your mother’s womb inside an ambulance or speeding car on the way to the hospital, and you’ll probably ride in some fancy hearse to your final resting spot.

You remember stories of a family road-trip, a kiss in a back seat, a car accident, a parking ticket and your first car. Life as we know it simply can’t escape interaction with automobile. Almost everyone on the planet can conjure up some story that involves a vehicle.

Mankind’s history with cars and trucks is rich, deep and rife with individual stories of success, humor and tragedy. Anyone who shares, listens to, or learns from such a story can consider themselves “Carologists”. We all understand Car Culture, we just haven’t talk about it like this… because we didn’t have a community like this — Until Now!

Here’s how to use Carology.TV and join the collective voice that defines American Car Culture today.