Objects appear larger, but does size really matter?Guys! I love the podcast so far. I haven’t heard all yet, but I’m catching up.

I really hope at some point you’re going to have a discussion about lane discipline. I realize that’s more about driving than about cars, specifically. But we really need to get the word out there that if you’re not moving faster than the slow lane, you should be IN the slow lane. Every nation on the planet can handle this except us.

For one thing, it’s a safety issue. The leading cause of accidents on major highways are unsafe lane changes. And lane hoppers are caused exclusively by slow people in the fast lane. There is no other casuse. All this is completely irrelevant of the speed limit, of course. Whatever speed the slow lane is doing, if you’re not moving faster, you need to beĀ  —> over there.

Speaking of speed limits, though, I’d also like to hear an interview with James Walker of the NMA, like this one: