Episode 002 Show Notes

My name is Mike. My name is Jeffrey. My name is Tim C. and we are, “Carologists”!

Welcome to the second Carology podcast. This episode we engage the public in dialog to discuss all things “cars” and ultimately define car culture today. Between Life and Death is the story of our lives on the Road. You probably went to the hospital in your Mom’s womb riding in an ambulance – and you’ll probably cruise to your final resting place in a shiny new hearse. The study of everything else in between is “Carology”.

This week we talk about what we are currently driving and what sort of mileage they get. Joining everyone is fellow carologist Mike from Detroit to discuss the auto industry, Detroit, his first car and much more! Discover just how much fun we’re having with your participation. We continue to discuss the one thing that connects us all… cars!

If you have a question or just want to wax poetic or get poetic about wax? Tell us about your favorite car: