chevrolet_impala_01I can’t remember the moment I first realized it, but I do remember thinking, “Why am I cheering for a car?”

I was watching the CW television show — Supernatural. There she was on my TV. A ’67 Chevy Impala. Gorgeous, sleek, every bit a star as her co-stars. I hadn’t even known what a Impala was before this series on TV, but I became an avid trivia buff about everything Impala.

It’s easy now to understand why I love her so much. Dean, one of the show’s main characters, adores his car. He takes care of it as if it were a person (up to calling it “baby” and worrying if people have “hurt” her). Since the show primarily takes place on the road the main character’s mode of transportation is extremely important.

In one episode the car is totaled, with our main characters inside. I was grief-struck and I realized my horror had more to do with the Impala’s fate than the main characters!

Now, again, I’m a girl. I don’t think of myself as a car buff, or a classic car buff, or even a “car girl”. But here I was worrid about a car! On my TV!

Thankfully she came through even better than before, and still graces my TV. Here’s to Supernatural’s ’67 Chevy Impala for making me fall in love with a car.